Activated Carbon

  1. Black Granular Activated Carbon

    Granular Activated Carbon is extensively used for water purification, catalyst carrier and solvent recovery. The activated carbon granules can easily absorb natural organic compounds, taste, odor and synthetic organic chemicals from potable water. An effective adsorbent owing to its high porosity, this product provides a large surface area. It is used in waste water treatment plants for reducing the level of BOD & COD; catalysts in chemical-metallurgical industries & petroleum refineries and water & gas mask filters.
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  2. Activated Carbon Powder

    It is a wood based powdered carbon with high adsorptive capacity. In waste water and sewage water treatment plants, it is used for desulfurization, deodorization and decolorization applications. This Activated Carbon Powder is processed by steam activation of coconut shells. Its high surface area and large volume of meso pores allow it to rapidly remove color, taste and foul odor from water. It is also high in demand in paper, textile, pharmaceutical and sugar industry.
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  3. Washed Activated Carbon

    Washed Activated Carbon is a carbonaceous and highly porous adsorptive medium with a complex structure composed of carbon atoms. At our sound processing unit, this activated carbon is processed through steam activation of selected coconut shells. It is widely used for water purification and de-chlorination application in textile, water treatment, paper and chemical industry. It has a velvety smooth texture when mixed with water and has no grit to it. It is also used in the aquariums and swimming pools for water treatment.
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  4. Steam Unwashed Activated Carbon

    Steam Unwashed Activated Carbon is processed from best quality wood which is an excellent base for manufacturing activated carbons with good adsorption power. This activated carbon is produced by activating the charcoal in a rotary kiln by heating at high temperatures by steam. Offered carbon is mainly used for de-chlorination and de-oiling of industrial water. It is highly demanded in industries like rubber, textile, pharmaceuticals, food and paper.
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  5. Granular Activated Carbon

    Salient Features:

    • Excellent adsorption capacity
    • Longer shelf life 
    • High mechanical strength
    • Used for water purification, catalyst carrier, solvent recovery
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  6. Coal Based Activated Carbon

    This Coal Based Activated Carbon has mainly meso- pores and macro-pores particles. It originates from coal that has undergone a steam activation process naturally. This activated carbon is used in gas phase purification, potable water purification, wastewater purification and aquarium or pond water purification applications. It has a unique pore structure and thus extensively used for complete removal of total organic compounds. This activated carbon is known for its consistent density, minimal dust generation and wide range of mesh sizes.
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  7. Carbon Black

    Black Carbon is high in demand in various applications such as black coloring pigment of newspaper inks and electric conductive agent. Composed of fine particles consisting mainly of carbon, it is widely used in tires and soles of shoes as excellent rubber reinforcement. This compound is also considered as the best coloring agent as black pigment. Therefore, it is widely used in printing inks, resin coloring, paints and pigments. Furthermore, it is also applied in various other applications including antistatic films, fibers and floppy disks.
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  8. High Flow Activated Carbon

    High Flow Activated Carbon is extensively used in applications where only partial treatment is required such as hydrolyzed vegetable protein purification. We use optimum quality compounds, sourced from trusted vendors to process this powder. This activated carbon is mainly used for applications with high flow rates and low carbon dosage to avoid capital expense. It is also used in applications of taste and odor control in potable water.
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